The Cave Singers




To record their fourth full-length, this Seattle alt folk band recruited legendary producer Phil Ek — who’s worked with groups like Mudhoney, Modest Mouse and Fleet Foxes. They also added bassist Morgan Henderson, who joins Peter Quirk (guitar, vocals), Derek Fudesco (guitar) and Marty Lund (drums, guitar). Previously, the band relied on Fudesco to play bass pedal, so Henderson’s addition punches up the folk sound. One tune (“Even Moon”) even opens with a bass solo. The songs, overall, are a little lighter in tone, and the sound more polished than their last album No Witch (2011). But it’s still authentic folk. Hell, in “Shine” Quirk even name-checks Saskatchewan, playfully mispronouncing it “Kascatcheton” before singing “Saskatchewan is tumbling by.” They won’t be playing here on their upcoming tour but they will be at Sasquatch and Bonnaroo. So check ’em out if you get a chance. /Gregory Beatty