Jerusalem in My Heart

Mo7it Al-Mo7it



Sometimes a record comes along and guts you with its singular beauty and bravery. Hark! Radwan Moumneh, a Lebanese national living and working in Montreal, is the force behind just such a rare creature. Jerusalem in My Heart is a sound and performance project that just released its first record, Mo7it Al-Mo7it, on Constellation Records. The seven tracks that make up Mo7it Al-Mo7it — JiMH says the title means “Ocean of the Ocean” — are declarative, meditative, rapturous, searching, haunting, consciousness-flooding works with an indelible commitment to poetry, and immersive album production that brims with warm-bodied electronics, field recordings and analog tones. This album isn’t an easy listen and won’t win any CBC Radio 3 competitions, but mindful listeners will be richly rewarded. /Amber Goodwyn