Matt Drackett

Alert Wiener Matt Drackett found a weird sentence in last issue’s feature on Creative Saskatchewan, “A Shiny New Thing”. The sentence was supposed to read, “Of course, the big question is: where does this leave the film industry…?” What we printed was, “…the big question is question…” Oops! Matt wins $10 and a Wiener T-shirt.

Who’s Matt? Among other things,  Matt’s the director of Zombie Prep Camp (, an upcoming four-day fitness retreat with “zombies, fun, fitness and survival training to give you the skills to survive the end of the world.” He reads Prairie Dog for typos to get free advertising and also because we write smart things.

Matt also thinks we should have a “Best Shoveled Sidewalk” category in next fall’s Best Of Regina. Hmmm. Start taking notes, people.

He’ll spend his cash prize on custom alterations to his Wiener T-shirt.