I’ve just read David Suzuki’s Feb. 21 column “Failure Upon Failure” and, quite frankly, it’s alarming.

Our own federal government isn’t protecting our land (which you can’t replace). It has no real plans for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It’s lacking regulations regarding toxic chemicals, and it’s not even disclosing some of the chemicals used in fracking. Preposterous!

What is wrong with us as Canadians — for example, letting water protections disappear without protest? Do we expect to survive on chemicals rather than water? WAKE UP CANADA! Let’s stop polluting our irreplaceable land, and make the government accountable for their spending and lack of regulations. Let’s stop allowing ourselves to be poisoned.

Environment Commissioner Scott Vaughn wouldn’t have stepped down if the government was doing its part — but they’re not.

Canada is being destroyed, and we’re allowing it to happen.

Sherah Mayer, Saskatoon