6-in-the-morning1 BAD BEYOND BOONDOGGLE The Doha climate change conference is a disaster, as expected. The Guardian has a depressing live blog. Here’s more from the BBC, Al Jazeera and Associated Press.

2 OKAY, FINE YOU WHINERS. WE’LL LOOK AT OTHER PLANES. SHEESH The federal Conservative government is apparently considering other planey options since the F-35 joint strike X-Wing whatever is one big, ugly, stupid, expensive and boondoggleriffic imbroglio. Don’t get too excited, people–we’re still going to end up with super-expensive jet fighters built to invade Middle Eastern countries and/or China at a time when every other aspect of public spending is being slashed.

3 BONGDOGGLE! Pot is legal in Washington state now. It’s insane that it’s not legal everywhere. Also, here’s a story with a bunch of heartbreakingly gorgeous photos of same-sex couples applying for marriage licenses in Seattle yesterday. Oh, and here’s some news on same-sex marriage legislation in Great Britain, which has a Conservative prime minister who has consistently been in favour of marriage equality.

4 NO PLANS TO FIX STUPID THING The city ain’t gonna change the newish lights at Scarth and 12th on the plaza that, curiously, instruct drivers to roll over pedestrians. I use that crossing every day and it’s a joke. The plaza sure has a lot of problems. It’s too bad. I want to be the guy defending multi-use, car-vehicle public spaces but this is the boondoggle it is.

5 REGINA VERSES MARS The L-P’s Terrance McEachern has an article on why Marvel Comics essploded Regina. There are no boondoggles to be found: “We’re trying to spread the love around, even if the love is crazy bombs from space,” says Marvel’s executive editor.  Hey, feel free to visit our Wednesday post on this and leave entertaining comments: next week’s Barking Dogs column is a little short so far.

6 NHL BLAH BLAH “Wahh, my namer is Gary Bettman and everything I touch turns to boodoggles!”

WHAT THE HELL, HERE’S THE STAR TREK TRAILER THAT WENT UP YESTERDAY Any thoughts? Besides “Why is Khan a white guy now?”