Some kind of reboot of The Avengers just arrived in comic stores and something terrible has happened. Perth, Australia and Regina — presumably this Regina — have been destroyed by awful villains. Oh no!

Prairie dog movie listings guy Shane Hnetka, who works at Comic Readers, alerted city authorities in an e-mail this morning:

I’ve always supported Jonathan Hickman. I push Manhattan Projects, The Nightly News, etc. like crazy. So I’m reading his big relaunch of The Avengers #1, minding my own business, enjoying the big-scale story about some sort of evil scientist alien messing with Mars and sending bombs to Earth, when Hickman casually kills all of us off. That’s right. Evil aliens have bombed Regina of all places. We don’t even get a meaning scene drawn in the comic, just a brief mention.

“The first two bombs hit Perth and Regina. That’s almost two million people,” ┬ásays Bruce Banner.

A quick Wikipedia search shows that 1,800,000 people live in Perth and 200,000 live in Regina so I guess that’s two million people but what the fuck? Don’t aliens usually attack New York and L.A.? I doubt it was ever shown in any comic but now Regina no longer exists in the new Marvel Now universe. Fuckers.

Yikes! Prairie dog will get to the bottom of this. Don’t you worry.