6-in-the-morningGood morning! Who’s going to Metric tonight? The PD posse doesn’t have tickets yet but there should still be some left, right? Anyway, NEWS!

1 HOORAY LET’S RUIN EVERYTHING GO RIDERS WOO! Last night, Vanda wrote about the University of Saskatchewan closing its historic Emma Lake campus. The StarPhoenix has a puny little story in today’s paper. Between this, the academic review at the U of R, the Province’s fishy-looking  review of arts funding and nuking the film industry, one gets the distinct sense that Saskatchewan’s current leadership class have no vision, no imagination, no appreciation for the arts and no respect for the great things about this province’s history.

I submit that everything cool is getting kicked because in general, the business class and its toady politicians are ashamed of Saskatchewan’s historic achievements, which really, all come from the political left: health care, crown corps, arts boards and the co-operative sector. All that stuff really did make this place better but our conservative-types didn’t build it (actually, they fought it every step of the way) so they have to dismantle it. Because if they can’t have a legacy, NO ONE gets a legacy.

I mean, we’re in a boom and we’re starving our universities for funding? What a joke. I thought Saskatchewan was a have-province.

2 MOVIN’ ON You know that ice you can get in hotels? It’s incredibly germy and gross.

3 IS IT POOR FORM TO SAY THAT A NON-VIOLENT RESISTANCE MOVEMENT IS THE WAY OUT OF THIS MESS? Today’s Middle Eastern news is extra explodey. Hamas is shown, again, that it can’t win the eye-for-an-eye rocket-chucking match with Israel. Unless “winning” means hundreds of dead and maimed Palestinian, and stronger ties with the rest of the Arab world… oh.

4 AND THEN THERE’S SYRIA Yup, there’s still a civil war going on there. Britain is probably going to join France and formally recognize the country’s opposition.

5 CAPITAL POINTE: “WE’RE STILL A THING!” Apparently something’s gonna get dug? Well, kudos to ya, Capitial Pointers. Keep up that positive outlook!

6 HOSTESS TO UNION: “YOU’VE RUINED TWINKIES FOREVER!” Hostess employees didn’t want their pensions and wages slashed so they went on strike and now the company, which is apparently crappy at innovation and developing new products as well as being anti-union, is pouting it’s way out of business.

Hey, Steven Spielberg’s Abraham Lincoln movie opens today. Speaking of Abe, this morning I learned that the last word he heard in his life might well have been “sockdologizing”. Holy crap, I learned that word less than a month ago and now its killing presidents! Anyway here’s the trailer for the movie.