6-in-the-morning1. SOMETHING ABOUT HIS EYES?  A new poll shows that people just don’t trust Stephen Harper.

2. WELL THAT’S ONE WAY TO DO IT  Scientists in Brazil are attempting to clone endangered species of animals. Or they could just try saving their remaining habitats, but, you know, whatever works. Otherwise we probably should rent them apartments and get them drivers licenses too.

3. HOMELESS IN SPAIN  The homeless population is skyrocketing in Spain after mass evictions leave many renters out in the cold.

4. CUBA’S POST-SANDY CLEAN-UP  It isn’t getting as much press as you-know-where.

5. VENICE IS SINKING  70 per cent of the city is now underwater.

6. AND BECAUSE IT’S A HOLIDAY MONDAY Here’s a clip from The Big Lebowski.