6-in-the-morning1 COME ON HOME, LET’S TALK Canada, was one of the very few countries to vote against recognizing Palestine as a state at the UN. Whoops. Now we’ve recalled our people to “get a sense from the diplomats what they see on the ground, how they see things going, and how we can effectively respond to what could be a new reality.”

2 OH, EGYPT The nation’s¬†constituent assembly has approved a draft constitution that makes it neccessary to consult Islamic clerics about new legislation. Grrrrreat.

3 WHY CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG? A Saskatoon bus driver doesn’t like people standing in front of his bus.

4 REFUGEE OVERHAUL The Feds are changing the refugee system next month. They say it will be fairer. Hmmm.

5 ROB CAN RUN Toronto’s outgoing (pending appeal) mayor will be allowed to run for mayor in any byelection, says the judge who ordered him out of office (because that was the mandatory sentence). Oh and he’s telling councillors he disagrees with that he’ll “whip their asses.”

6 HEY J-BRO, I FOUND YOUR GRAD SCHOOL The University of Dalhousie is getting a puppy room.

ELEPHANT WANTS TO PLAY A DUET Cute! But those keys better not be ivory. Story here.