First performed in 1938, this play by German playwright Bertolt Brecht (pictured; 1898-1956) consists of a series of vignettes that explore the rise of Nazism in post-WWI Germany and the violence and hardship that was visited on those who were victimized by the Nazis and their supporters in Germany.

Of course, the broader themes of tyranny and oppression that Brecht addresses aren’t limited to that country and that period in history but rather have application to any situation where totalitarianism rears its ugly head. 

This production is being mounted by the University of Regina Theatre Department. The play opened on Oct. 31, and following tonight’s performance at the ShuBox Theatre in Riddell Centre (curtain 7:30 p.m.) the play will have another three-day run Nov. 8-10.

For more info call 585-5562.