No pick of the day today. Instead, I’ll give you a heads up on a celebration that will be happening at the Dunlop Art Gallery at Central Library on Nov. 23-24.

What’s the occasion?

Well, 2012 marks the 50th anniversary of the gallery’s founding. As you perhaps know, it was named after Marjorie Dunlop (pictured) who was chief librarian in Regina from 1948-72. From the start of her tenure, Ms. Dunlop welcomed visual art into the library. And when the new Central Library was built in 1962 a dedicated space was given to a gallery.

To commemorate the anniversary, the local performance art collective Turner Prize* (Jason Cawood, Blair Fornwald and John Hampton) are imaginitively recreating an exhibition from each decade of the gallery’s existence. As well, there will be a launch for the first volume in an annual book series encapsulating the gallery’s previous season.  Included is over 100 photos, and essays by different members of the local and national art community.

There’s an opening reception Nov. 23 at 7 p.m. that includes music, drink and food, then on Nov. 24 there’s some artist talks at 1 p.m. The Turner Prize* exhibition will run until Jan. 20. For more info call 777-6045.