4 in the Afternoon1 CEASEFIRE? After seven days of droning drones, constant missile attacks and a rising death toll, Egypt is close to brokering a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel.  A Hamas official has said it is likely to take effect in a matter of hours but, Israel has yet to confirm the truce. Fingers are crossed that both parties agree to uphold the truce so Gaza residents will not have to deal with any more unneccessary deaths.

2 NO WOMEN ALLOWED The Church of England has ruled against legislation that would allow women to become bishops. Traditionalists and reformers have been debating the issue for over a decade. Countries like Canada and the United States allow women bishops so, it would seem England is still living in the Dark Ages… or to be historically accurate, the Tudor dynasty.

3 LIBERALIZING LIQUOR LEGISLATION Have you ever wanted to get drunk while getting your nails done? Or while at the movie theatre? Well, your wish is the province’s command. Crown Investments Minister Donna Harpauer announced changes to the province’s liquor legislation and regulations at a downtown spa today. How fitting. Also, partial stripping is now allowed too.

4 TRADE AT THE TOP A secret government document prepared by Foreign Affairs in September shows the Harper government’s willingness to build trade relationships with countries in Asia and Africa, despite having poor human rights records.

Check out this video of an Aljazeera reporter appearing almost unfazed as a missle reaches its target in the middle of her live hit from Gaza.