At least one blogger is skeptical over claims that Uganda is abandoning its commitment to make executing homosexuals illegal. From a bad-looking website  pleasingly titled Box Turtle Bulletin:

WBS Television in Uganda late yesterday posted another report on YouTube featuring statements by members of the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee, which is charged with marking up the Anti-Homosexuality Bill with recommended changes. There are a few troubling aspects to the report. First, the reporter claims that the death penalty has been removed for “homosexuality acts with minors,” which sounds very suspiciously like several other previous reports, later proven to be false, that the death penalty had been removed. The last time we heard that line, we would quickly learn that the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs committee, in fact, had not removed the death penalty from the bill, but instead had simply obfuscated the death penalty’s presence in the bill.

Much more here. I guess we’ll have to see how this plays out. You can read more on the story here. In the meantime happy weekend to everyone (except ignorant moron malicious bigot Ugandan politicians).