The number of minutes in which I have to blog today is approaching zero. In fact, I have a one year old biting my shoulder right now, furious that I’m even doing this much. But! There are big things afoot this week at city hall.

First, tonight’s council meeting will be the last for councillors Fred Clipsham, Louis Browne and Jocelyn Hutchinson. It will also be the last meeting for Mayor Pat Fiacco. The big vote they’ll be considering on their last night is about the purchase of the CP lands adjacent to downtown — another brick in the Regina Revitalization Initiative.

Should be a well-attended meeting, I’m thinking. It starts at 5:30 pm.

Second, you have until this Friday to apply to sit on one of many city committees and boards. So, if you aren’t running in this election already, but have gotten caught up in all the excitement, you can still participate in local government. This go around, there are no positions open on the Regina Planning Commission — which sounds like the most fun to me. But there are spots open on the Arts Advisory Committee, Board of Police Commissioners, the Community Services Advisory Committee, the Development Appeals Board, the¬†Environment Advisory Committee and the Regina Public Library Board, to name just a few.

You can learn how to apply on the city’s website.

And I’m out of time. If you’re curious to know what other exciting items are on the agenda for tonight’s council meeting, you can find all that on the city’s website.