1 THE POLL SAYS FOUGERE’S AHEAD Good news for people who support the Chamber of Commerce/Regina business community candidate. Bad news for supporters of the other eight candidates. Or is it? Dechene’s looking into the polling details and will try to have more for Dog Blog later today.

2 ANOTHER POLL Mitt Romney is up by seven points because I guess most American voters are assholes or morons. Because only morons or assholes would pick the rich guy who hates the environment and has anti-women and anti-gay policies over the, uh, essentially moderate Republican-style Democrat in this election. Sorry to be blunt. No I’m not. fortunately it probably doesn’t matter because Barack Obama (who by the way is far from an ideal choice but that’s the choice there is) should still win the electoral college.

3 DID YOU GUYS KNOW ABOUT THE MASSIVE, ILLEGAL GEO-HACKING EXPERIMENT OFF CANADA’S WEST COAST THAT OUR GOVERNMENT KNEW ABOUT? I’ve been busy this week and missed this. In August, an American businessman dumped around 100 tonnes of iron sulfate into the Pacific Ocean to cause an plankton bloom that could, in theory, capture carbon. It sounds like a really risky and wrong-headed idea. The Guardian has the latest here.

4 THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT WON’T COUNTER-BLOCK THE CRTC’S BLOCK The Bell Astral deal is going to stay blocked. Well, good. Too much media ownership concentration is unsafe for democracy.

5 CANADA’S FIRST BLACK MP PASSES AWAY Rest in peace, Lincoln Alexander.

6 MP PENSION CHANGE PASSES Read all about it at CBC.

BONUS: MAN STUMBLES WHILE FEEDING WILD CROCODILE, TENSE MOMENT RESULTS Here’s a video of a tour guide in Costa Rica who feeds wild crocodiles (no, not alligators) to excite tourists. This is a thing. This is also an incredibly dangerous thing, obviously. Having said that… this guy and the croc have their routine down.

But yes, it only takes one mistake and he’s a chewed-up broken mess. As my publisher says: “you don’t play with lions, tigers, bears, great white sharks and crocodiles.”

I’m glad people play with scary animals sometimes, though.