1 THE PROVINCE IS LOOKING AT PRIVATIZING ISC CROWN CORPORATION Information Services Corp might soon be for sale and the story is here.  But, but I thought the Sask. Party promised they wouldn’t sell Crowns?

2 THE RIDER’S CEO LIKES OPEN AIR STADIUMS And yet, we need “roof ready”? Beyond that irony, this is just an interesting piece you guys should read.

3 A BC TEEN IS PARALYZED BECAUSE THE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM TOTALLY FAILED HIM This is an obscenity. And, tangentially, it is goddamn appalling that Canada held a massive commission to look into health care a decade ago then did fuck-all with the recommendations we paid $1.5 million for.

4 BATTLE OF THE DEBATES The Cathedral neighbourhood hosted a mayoral debate last night and you can read a recap here or check out Dechene’s sterling work (plus a few interruptions from me) on Twitter. Meanwhile, Joe Biden pwned a scummy little Republican troll in the U.S. VP debates. Good. Republicans suck.

5 ALSO, I WAS NOT TOLD THERE WOULD BE FIREWORKS Yesterday the Legislature marked its 100th anniversary and there were fireworks. If you don’t read full-page ads in the Leader-Post, watch the evening news or have children who heard about it in school, you probably didn’t know. Hooray for another typical Saskatchewan marketing and promotions fail.

I’m surly because I like fireworks. They’re prrrrrettyyyy.

6 GIANT MYSTERY EYEBALLS Our friend Howard F. Mackerel would undoubtedly have something to say about this huge weird eyeball that washed up on a Florida beach.