The Globe & Mail had a mention on Wednesday of a Regina-born painter who’s been attracting notice with an exhibition at the London (UK) Gallery Beers.Lambert Contemporary.

The show’s called The Misanthrope (that’s a detail from one of the paintings aboveĀ ) and the artist is Andrew Salgado. He’s the son of Dr. Luis Salgado, who moved here from Mexico to practice in the early 1970s. Andrew is one of two sons, with Jon (a former University of Regina Cougar basketball player) being the other.

I know a bit about Dr. Salgado and his family because when he first arrived in Regina he was my grandmother’s doctor, and a few years ago he was voted Best Doctor in our annual readers’ poll and I did an interview with him.

Andrew Salgado had been scheduled to have a show at the Art Gallery of Regina in December. Unfortunately, it’s been postponed. You can read why in this short Globe & Mail report.