Seeing as I’ve posted the ninth candidate profile to be sent in, I thought now would be a good time to go over some of the other awesome Regina election resources on the web….

REGINA.CA: This is the city’s website and thus ground zero for all your election needs. The main page will point you to all sorts of useful information like how and where to vote. There’s even an online electrical doodad where you can punch in your address and it’ll tell you what ward you’re in and where you should vote. That’s pretty handy considering the ward boundaries have changed so a lot of people in the city will be in different wards than they were last time. Probably the best resource on the site right now — and one everyone will want to check out — are the candidate videos. These have gone up over the last couple days. I’ve only watched a few but they’re great There’s been a huge jump in quality from the last election. The group at city hall who’re putting this together have done a fantastic job.

REGINAELECTION.COM: This bills itself as “A neutral, non-partisan election website whose sole goal is to increase voter turnout.” It’s obsessively updated (in a good way) and about as comprehensive as you can imagine. I’m really impressed with the amount of effort that’s gone into it. I’ve been checking it pretty regularly for a few months now. The important dates and schedule of debates pages I find particularly useful. There’s also an election trivia page.

Both great sites worth checking out. But they kind of make our offering of candidate profiles and debate and interview audio look a little paltry by comparison. Thanks anyway, guys. You bloody showoffs… grumblegrumble…. Keep up the good work! :)