Remember this post of mine yesterday about mayoral candidate Chad Novak’s stadium referendum flip-flops? Much-adored Dog Blog commentator Barb Saylor* suggested I should, and I quote, “Juxtapose [it] with your Republican nitwits post; it’ll be interesting.”

I’m not sure what (if anything) she was insinuating,  but if Barb was pointing out that Regina’s wackiest mayoral candidate is a million times less scary than the Tea Party lunatics in the U.S., I agree with her.

Case in point:

Someone fired a shot through one of the Obama campaign offices in Denver this afternoon, shattering the glass in one of the windows. No one was injured, according to a Denver Police Department spokeswoman. There are also no suspects as of this writing, and the crime at the 9th Avenue and Acoma field office remains under investigation.

So, to juxtapose for Barb: things are bad and scary in the United States. Things are loopy, amateurish and entertaining in Regina. And I’ll take a Chad Novak’s earnest goofiness, occasional weird paranoia and general, good-natured lust for attention over Tea Party racism, ignorance, xenophobia, class betrayal, firearm ownership and general misdirected rage anytime.

*No, I’m not being sarcastic. Barb shows up and speaks up, and I appreciate the hell out of her for it.