4 in the Afternoon1 THEY’RE CALLING IT “FRANKENSTORM” Sure, why not. Gosh there’s sure a lot of volatile weather these days. This storm could cause $1 billion damage when it hits the East Coast. You know what I think? I think when astronauts went to the moon in the 1960s they DID SOMETHING. It’s not like erratic weather is a predictable consequence of climate change.

2 TWO-THIRDS OF SASK RESPONDENTS SAY HOME OWNERSHIP IS FOR EVERYONE! Two-thirds of respondents are clueless. Not everyone is in technology and trades, or has a unionized public sector job or cushy political appointment (good on you who do but don’t assume everyone has your good fortune). It’s tough to save when you’ve got a low wage, student loan and skyrocketing rent. Not everyone can do it, and suggestions that everyone can are specious bordering on delusional. By the way, the StarPhoenix┬áhas a story on this too, if you want to read more.

3 PRIVATE LIQUOR STORES? The Saskatchewan Government Employee’s Union dunnit likit. Trivia: this issue makes prairie dog writers argue with each other like no other — though we all agree the SLGA does a shitty job with booze selection.

4 THE NHL CANCELLED NOVEMBER Just think, in a month they’ll be able to cancel Christmas!

FRIDAY AFTERNOON KITTY! And by “kitty” I mean Slow Loris. Via premier internet boobfest The Chive.