Prairie dog finally kicks off its election coverage on the Alarm Call where we dish on the candidates and opine about vote splitting.

Then, Tarzan is 100 years old. Or he would be if he had ever existed. In honour of his imaginary birthday, we look at the history of this iconic character.

Then, more on the stadium. Only, we look at the Public Private Partnership deal that the city hopes will get the thing built and find that we have questions, like…

Why has the city gone rogue and decided to ignore their own consultant’s advice? And why are they rushing this deal through when P3 experts across the country say go slow and do it right? And has the province messed everything up with their “dome ready” requirement?

Ultrasonic Alarm Call – Vote For Tarzan In Ward 3: At the table, Stephen Whitworth, Shane Hnetka and me as your fill-in host. Music by the Lazy MKs. Runtime 37min 33 sec of podcast and maybe there’s 1min and 11sec of easter egg at the end and maybe there isn’t.

To download the episode, click the link above or that big radio picture. And be sure to check out our archive of past episodes.