I’d sort of slept on this band previously*, but after hearing their eponymous new album, I realized that was a mistake. Props to prairie dog‘s James for sliding me a copy.

Some hastily researched background info: Sic Alps has dealt in the same psych-soaked garage rock as folks like the Oh Sees and Ty Segall, both of whom have collaborated with the band in the past. Until lately they’ve favoured home recording and a fairly abrasive aesthetic. But Sic Alps saw them enter a legitimate studio for the first time, which had the ultimate effect of feathering their sound a bit, as well as giving them a chance to branch out, as proven by the discordant strings and Beatles ’67 vibe of opener “Glyphs”, whose video is hanging out above.

If you want to ride out the next few warm weeks under the impression that summer could last forever, playing Sic Alps every night at dusk might be a decent August placebo**.

*<groucho> but I found a mattress was more comfortable.
** Would not see August Placebo at the Exchange.