There’s a move afoot to stage an Occupy-style demonstration at Mosaic Stadium on the Sept. 28-30 weekend as part of a larger expression of concern about the wisdom of the city (and province) spending $300 or so million to erect a new football stadium. The Riders are scheduled to host the B.C. Lions on Sept. 29 at 8 p.m., so the protesters, who plan to circulate a petition demanding that a civic referendum be held on the controversial project, could potentially find themselves in the midst of a fair number of pro-stadium supporters.

The Facebook page that has been established to rally support for the event has attracted a fair bit of attention from those who are pro- and con to the stadium project, with some of the former issuing threats against those who are considering participating in the demonstration. One comment that leapt out when I first visited the site was:

You dumb fucks really think your gonna accomplish anything besides probs get punched out ? This city finally changing for the good accept it or move 2 fuckn moosejaw you fuckn hippies. Mite actually go to the game just to take a shot at one of you goofs !

 That type of response has organizers reconsidering the wisdom of going ahead with the protest for fear of being physically harassed.