Right off the bat, we’re not talking a Kathleen Edwards cancellation right now. We’ve talked about that in the past, when her sold-out Regina earlier this year had to be postponed thanks to vocal strain. That’s not what we’re chatting about.

Instead, I’d like to briefly mention her bad weekend, where she suffered a wasp sting that sent her into anaphylactic shock. Exclaim! has all the details of what went down. It all sucks.

Hopefully, she has enough time to recover completely by the time her two Queen City show roll around on October 2 and 3. This brings up a good point, though, of some important show etiquette you should observe when going to see this great Ottawa-bred folkster. First, don’t bring anything she might want to yell at excessively. We don’t want to risk those vocal chords again. Second, leave all your stinging insects at home. They won’t feel left out. I promise.

If you’re wondering what to do with your urban beehive if not bring it to a Kathleen Edwards show, why not say “Screw it!” and turn the whole thing into mead? It’s possible.