In the whole lead up to the first season of the Regina Rage (subject of the post below), did you notice how in their promotional material, the Lingerie Football League promoted itself as some kind of emancipation for women in sport? If you’re a woman and you want to kick ass, all you have to do is don your helmet and garters and hit the field with the LFL.

Trade your tits for sporting freedom, ladies! Because it’s not like there are any other ass kicking options available to you.

Except for goddamn roller derby.

Which we’ve had in the form of the Pile O’Bones Derby Club for what? three years now. They pack venues every time they lace up their skates.

I can’t think of a sport — for women or men — that kicks more ass, frankly.*

So, why do we need the LFL, exaclty? Why do we even bother mentioning it?**

All this is a backward way to point out that once again, prairie dog has failed to adequately cover roller derby in Regina — if at all.

Our only excuse is that we suck.

Actually, I shouldn’t be speaking for the rest of prairie dog. Maybe they all hate roller derby. Maybe they have no taste.

So: I suck.*** I should be going to more roller derby and writing it up here.

In my defense, prairie dog did profile Pile O’Bones back when the club was starting out. That’s how I found out they existed.

And season one of our podcast, Ultrasonic Alarm Call, featured a lot of roller derby content.  In fact, derby stars Doom Cookie and Dolly Hard-on were frequent guests on the show. (Did you listen to our interview with Doom Cookie at the World Cup of Roller Derby in December?)

But yes. We need to cover roller derby more. Because roller derby kicks ass.


* I guess we also have the non-lingerie brand of women’s football in Regina. And, I should note, our WWCFL team, the Regina Riot, has a much better name and logo than the LFL’s Rage. But they didn’t leap to mind when I started this post because… well… fucking football, man. Who fucking understands that sport? May as well be cricket as far as I’m concerned. At least roller derby makes some sense.

** And have you noticed how the staff of the LFL360 site is all dudes? (And one token woman.) And I mean dudes in dudeliest sense of the word dude. Creeps me out. Now… what other entertainment industry is dominated by female talent in front of the camera while the owners and management are primarily male? Hmmmmmm…..

*** Though not as much as all those prairie doggians who hate roller derby.