Previously, I’ve pointed you towards a stream of the new Japandroids album, Celebration Rock, and Mason Pitzel has given it a good review in the paper proper. I’m taking to the internet again to reaffirm that they make good music. Good, good rock ‘n’ roll music.

The Vancouver duo’s album has been in high rotation with me, especially when I’m up first thing in the morning and people expect me to have any energy whatsoever. Lines like “kiss away your gypsy tears” aren’t my cup of tea, but those are far outweighed by a lot of no-bullshit talk on youth and abandon and all those good rock topics, matched with some great riffs played too loud.

Recently, they released a video for “The House that Heaven Built”, my favourite song off one of my favourite albums of the year. A pretty standard video, all told, but worth watching for the song alone.