1 I WONDER HOW JESUS WOULD’VE FELT ABOUT SENDING PROTESTERS TO A PRISON COLONY FOR A COUPLE OF YEARS FOR A NON-VIOLENT STUNT? Paul posted about this below and it’s worth a repeat: the Russian feminist punk group Pussy Riot has been sentenced to two years of hard labour for singing rude songs in a church. Way to go, Russian Orthodox Church and Vladimir Putin. More here. There’s a Canadian connection, by the way–band member Nadezhda Tolokonnikova has a Canadian permanent resident card.

2 KELOWNA IS JUST ICKY The town’s city hall is thinking about flying a pro-life flag. They should put their politics in tourism brochures (actually they’d probably do well with that because there’s a lot of kooks who get boners over fetus rights. But at least sane people who get a heads-up that the place is cracked and maybe should be avoided).

3 FOCUS GROUPS ARE WEIRD The Bank Of Canada changed an Asian woman to a Caucasian woman on the new $100 bill because of, I dunno, racism I guess.

4 EVERYONE IS ANGRY ABOUT THE FAMILY RESEARCH COUNCIL SHOOTING Here’s an update on things from the Washington Post.

5 SUCKS TO BE A POLAR BEAR Chunks of their habitat are melting thanks to global warming and now their dens are on fire. Great.

6 SORRY The CEO of Federated Co-operatives Ltd. apologizes for an explosion at Regina’s Co-Op refinery that injured 52 people.

HERE’S SOME MORE PUSSY RIOT The Guardian has their new single!