Strolling through Victoria Park on my way to the library a few minutes ago, I encountered maybe 25 warmly dressed people, some equipped with lawn chairs and thermoses, milling about. They were there for the Cinema Under the Stars film series that’s been presented in downtown Regina for a few summers now. Screening tonight was the heart-warming animated classic Up! (trailer below). But I guess because of the damp and dreary weather, the screening had been cancelled.

Working at prairie dog earlier that evening, I didn’t receive any word of the cancellation. And none of the people who I ran into in the park and on the plaza had either. Two young women who I spoke to briefly by the Cenotaph described conditions as “chilly, but not unbearable.” I had a hoodie and toque on, but I’d agree with that assessment. As long as you were dressed for the weather, it was a tolerable night. No different than watching a Rider game at Mosaic Stadium on a chilly fall even — wait a minute! Maybe what downtown Regina needs to make Cinema Under the Stars really take off is a portable domed movie theatre!