The new paper came out yesterday and by now it should be everywhere! Make sure you pick up a copy — it’s GREAT and everyone loves it. Why, look at this photo of Regina Folk Festival artistic director Sandra Butel holding the new PD in our office. Look how happy she is! My friends, you could be this happy too. All you need to do is pick up the latest issue!

Highlights of this fine specimen of a unique local newspapermagazinehybridthing include:

-A great feature on the Folk Festival with essays, artist interviews and very helpful albeit slightly condescending lectures on Folk Festival preparedness!

-John Cameron wrote a good article on the provincial NDP party’s (not caucus’–important distinction!) website on the government’s menacing labour-review thingy, which got hijacked by trolls. The website, not our article.

-A dead-on-right column from the mighty John F. Conway on how our Prime Minister is ruining Canada. Oh, and Gwynne Dyer has a good column on super-rich jerkwads avoiding their taxes.

-Aidan Morgan wrote the snottiest restaurant review we’ve ever run. Wow, what a dick! Oh yeah, it’s also hilarious.

-And how about this Bonus Column? It might be one of the best things we’ve ever done.

So there you go! A new prairie dog! Pick it up and read it at the folk fest! Wooo!