4 in the Afternoon1 KUWAIT SIGNS A $4 BILLION DEAL TO DO SOME TARSANDS DEVELOPMENT Yeah yeah fossil fuels moneymoneymoney, I know. But people like that stuff AND they’ll be dead in the future when the  environmental consequences of dead-end energy development finally wreck civilization, so let’s all just say WOOO! a lot.

2 NEW REGINA VOTING STUFF Story’s here. I like the drive through voting and mail-in ballots. I don’t like going from 52 voting stations to 30. That sounds like it’ll cream voter turnout–which is already no great shakes in civic elections here.

3 IF YOU WON’T GO TO WAR WE DON’T WANT YOU IN CANADA A U.S. Iraq war veteran who  left the service without permission and fled here as a refugee is ordered deported.

4 THE CHAIR BELONGS TO CLINT Last night America’s favourite cowboy gave a public lecture to an imaginary U.S. president Barack Obama. Okay then. In actually important U.S. election news, the Obama campaign won a fight with Ohio Republicans, who’d passed a law blatantly designed to suppress Democrat voters in the state.