You may have previously heard of @RealTimeWWII, a Twitter account that’s dolling out facts about World War 2 day by day, chronologically. They say its “livetweeting”. I’m not 100 per cent sure that’s accurate, but hey, I’m no social media expert or nothing.

In a similar vein, the people who do that account have put together @Berlin_1936, a feed “livetweeting” the 1936 Berlin Olympics. It is also great. You should really jump on board now.

What kind of details are they tweeting? Minutiae from the matches, personal recollections from this day in 1936 — a lot of interesting details from maybe the most interesting Olympics. For example, a little gem like this was tweeted a couple of days ago:

Hitler: “Jungle races have stronger physiques than civilised whites. Negroes are unfair competition. We’ll exclude them from future Games.”