So I’ve been wading through my e-mails all afternoon in between watching that fishing surprise video and playing around with the Camera+ app I just bought (which seems pretty good). And I see this e-mail from Dechene this a.m.:

I was going to do a quick blog post about this* this morning but i can’t because your website is NOT FUKKEN WORKING i can’t post anything because everytime i try to start a new post IT HANGS FUKKEN UP (and no other website i’ve been to today does this) and now my dad is angling to go to the lumber yard so no angry blog post from me about harper’s anti-science agenda and how they’ll gleefully defund science in general but they’ll fund science if they think it’ll help their anti-humanity agenda (like the lizards in V) Oh, and this line from the globe coverage: “When this study is done in 2014,” Poilievre said, “Canada will have irrefutable statistical data on the health impact of turbines and what minimum distances should be placed between homes and turbines” completely begs the FUKKEN QUESTION i.e. it assumes there are health concerns that need to be taken seriously. There AREN’T. Two independent (i.e., non-lizard funded) studies have found that wind turbine noise does exactly zero harm to people and look at the list of symptoms you purportedly get from wind noise (sleeplessness, anxiety, nausea, headaches) these are the fucking things you get when you get yourself all worked up over something that pisses you off. i’m feeling those symptoms RIGHT FUKKEN NOW just thinking about Harper and what he’s doing to science in this country. will he fund a study to find out if his party causes Conservative Fury Syndrome and should be kept 50 metres away from governing because of the damage they’re doing to me? That’s a more significant public concern i’ll tell you. FUCKFUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well said, Dechene. Well said.

* The link is to a Globe and Mail article about the Cons funding research into the health effects of wind farms.