The Regina Folk Festival’s new website is better than the old one in about every way, up to and including the feature where you can layout your festival schedule. If you’re looking at those day sessions and want to manage the conflicts, this is a handy tool.

I tested it out, choosing every concert and session that the Wooden Sky was involved in. (For the record, I really like the band, but I’m not the kind of obsessive who would solely go to every Wooden Sky show at the RFF. I’m not collecting frontman Gavin Gardiner’s fingernail clippings. You know this is definitely a hypothetically because I’ll even be volunteering for the RFF during the Wooden Sky’s first RFF set. Anyhow.)

The feature worked well online, neatly highlighting all of my opportunities to see the Toronto folk-rockers. Selecting the shows I wanted to go to was quick and I didn’t have to register or sign in with Facebook.

The PDF this process produces isn’t quite as useful; even if mine wasn’t just Wooden Sky-related sets, 13 pages to cover the whole three-day festival seems excessive.The site also needs to list when and where artists will be playing on the Lineup page. If I am this Wooden Sky super-fan their site now thinks I am — we call ourselves Woodies, thank you very much — I’d like some confirmation that I’m not missing anything they do.

But don’t take my illegible screen grab as the only evidence — go take a look for yourself.