You know how things happen. One moment it’s all rose-tinted darkness, then you’re being hauled into existence by people wearing masks and gloves. It’s like you’re being abducted into the world.

I’m going to skip the intervening decades and get right to last Tuesday, when local band The MacEvoys played O’Hanlon’s.

MacEvoys 08

The MacEvoys are Mike and Paul Huber on guitar and bass, Craig Melhoff on rhythm guitar (or riddim gitah if you’re from Boston) and keyboards, and Chris Harant on drums. They play a decidedly odd but appealing mix of covers (from baby boomer standards up to The Smiths and Arcade Fire), along with a few originals. I’ve been to a couple of their shows and it’s fun to watch a band develop their repertoire and grow more confident with each appearance.

At any rate, here’s some footage of The MacEvoys doing “You Can’t Always Get You Want.” Give the video a few seconds, because my camera eventually manages to focus on the band.