Hollywood is at it again.

Coming soon is the remake of the 1987 science-fiction action film Robocop. Images and a viral video have been released just in time for Comic-Con. The video just shows the all new updated Ed-209. Gone is the cool stop motion and the large clunky look to the beast and in it’s place is a slick CGI, Transformer like machine.

The original film was directed by Paul Verhoeven and was an over the top violent satire on a media, gentrification, corruption, privatization and capitalism which is a lot to squeeze into an action film about a cyborg cop.

In the near future Detroit is about to remade by the mega corporation OmniCorp. They’ve been contracted to build Delta City over the current crime infested Old Detroit. The police there have been overworked and stretched thin. A new transfer Alex Murphy (Peter Weller) is brought in and promptly killed on the job by a vicious criminal gang. From there, because he signed the release forms, Murphy is transformed into the cybernetic Robocop.

The movie was so violent at the time that it was original rated X by the MPAA. Verhoeven trimmed down the violence in order to get an R-rating. Somehow I don’t think that the remake will be following in the same footprints. The new film is going to be directed by Brazilian filmmaker José Padilha who made the excellent Elite Squad and it stars Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson and Joel Kinnaman who is the new Robocop. The budget for the remake is estimated to be $100,000,000 which up considerably for the original’s $13,000,000.

Maybe I’m jumping the gun but somehow I don’t think that the new Ed-209 will be falling down stairs and squealing like a pig.