1 CANADA IS HALFWAY TO NOT NEARLY FAR ENOUGH We’re talking about greenhouse gas emissions targets. Yeah. Not good enough.

2 GET READY FOR HIGHER FOOD COSTS The devastating drought in the U.S. continues. Hey, you should read Dechene’s story in the new prairie dog.

3 OH, YOU CONSERVATIVES Peter MacKay’s wife is mad at a newspaper while Stephen Harper is supposedly ignoring his own rules about fundraising and lobbyists.

4 THAT AMERICAN ELECTION THING U.S. President Barack Obama calls for tighter gun control. Great Britain is peeved at Mitt Romney, who’s just an idiot who says stupid things. He reminds me of Dwain Lingenfelter (seems to be in it for himself and his backers and glory rather than because he’s the best guy), except he’s actually evil and his campaign is 1,000 times less competent than the NDP’s last run (which was the best it could’ve been, given that nobody wanted Premier Lingenfelter).

5 WHAT THE HELL, ROB FORD? Toronto’s mayor met with a white¬†supremacist? Whuuuuu? Actually Ford’s probably not at fault on this at all, but it’s still fun to kick Canada’s worst mayor. More here.

6 WHAT A WEEK FOR HOCKEY, EH? Rick Nash was traded to the Rangers, Philadelphia’s insane offer to Shea Weber was matched by Nashville and today, hosepail sniper Alexander Semin signed with the Carolina Hurricaines. Now, where’s Roberto Luongo gonna go? Oh and also, Tim Thomas is a bigoted, homophobic moron.

VIDEO! It’s the teaser for Rah Rah’s upcoming album. People who’ve heard it seem ebullient. Maybe it’s gonna be huge?