It’s been a long road for our fair city to get here, but we’ve finally arrived. Our dark time is over: Moonrise Kingdom is playing in Regina. Rejoice.

Back at the end of May, I did a Dog Blog post, explaining that although our print edition’s film listings included the new film from director Wes Anderson, the movie wasn’t yet in Regina. Since then, screenings at the RPL Film Theatre have been listed, saying it’ll show up there at the end of August along with David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis. G-Beat told you about that one! Between the two of us, we’ve got this Moonrise Kingdom beat down.

If you’re too eager, though, a friend has told me that Paradise Cinemas — the one just off of Rochdale that also has mini-golf — is showing Moonrise Kingdom right now. For whatever reason, it skipped the first run theatres in town, unless I’ve had my eyes shut really tight for the last few weeks. So get at it, folks, but be forewarned — they won’t play the movie unless there’s four or more people there. At least that’s what happened one time when I tried to buy tickets for two.