This was going to be my pick of the day for Saturday. But after a whole of pile of contradictory information was received by our office about whether this show was going to happen or not it seems (according to the TicketEdge website anyway) that it has been CANCELLED. So if you were planning to drop by the Exchange on July 8 to see the Detroit Cobras and the back-up band Chains of Love DO NOT. 

Formed in 1994, the Detroit Cobras (pictured) are a garage rock band with a penchant for cover songs has had a whole pile of people play with them over the years. I’m not sure how up to date this photo is, but when I checked the band’s website it was still under construction, so that’s what I’m going with as far as their current line-up goes.

To give you a sense of what the Detroit Cobras’ music is like, here’s video from a few years ago of the band performing “Tonight I’ll Cry”. And here’s video of Chains of Love performing “You Got It” at a Dine Alone Records showcase at the El Macombo in Toronto in March.