Prairie dog‘s John Cameron reviewed PS I Love You’s new album, Death Dreams, earlier this year. He mostly liked it, saying the LP was “a solid chunk of guitar pop that manages to be indebted both to Echo and the Bunnymen and Steve Vai without sounding incongruous.” (With one caveat directed at vocalist Paul Saulnier: “Stop yipping!”)

The Kingston duo released a video for “Toronto” today, one of two songs off the new album named after cities, the other being “Saskatoon”. I doubt it’s anything the T-Dot tourism folks will be clamoring to use, but the song is quick and a fun listen. Hey, maybe the yips will grow on you, or you like yips to begin with. I’m a fan these days.

They’ll have some more cities to write about soon: in mid-August, the two will be touring through China and South Korea.