As a precursor to our Drink! Issue, I dug up this story my girlfriend told me about a while ago and I forgot about until right now. And that fancy little Old News logo makes my tardiness okay. I’m never doing anything on time now!

For this year’s Calgary Stampede, Molson brought back Calgary Beer for a limited time in the city. It hasn’t been sold there for about 20 years, but for now, they’ve got the opportunity to drink 20,000 cases of it.

An article in the Calgary Herald article on the matter recognizes that Calgary’s been back in the prairie dog‘s fair province for a while now. They even quote a “local beer lover”, who says, “I don’t know why anyone in Saskatchewan would want it.”

I can’t speak for Saskatchewan as a whole, but I know a couple of reasons why I’m a fan of Calgary, the beer. For one, I’ve got fond associations with it, as it was the beer of choice at one of Regina’s late, great venues, the Manhattan Room.

Beyond that, Calgary is a decent, cheap beer with a taste that isn’t bland but isn’t foul. One of its main contemporaries is Lucky. Calgary’s about as inexpensive as that beer but still a cut above in terms of how palatable it is. (Funny enough, last time I had Lucky was in Calgary, and it’s fine enough once you’ve had enough. I still would’ve preferred Calgary, the beer, though.) Even a Boxer or a Minhas Creek isn’t quite as good as a nice, cold Calgary.