4 in the Afternoon1 THE OLYMPICS, WOO! OR WHATEVS The Guardian is live-blogging stuff.

2 THE COUNTRY WE LIVE IN The premiers are peeved that the feds are cutting $36 billion from health care spending,  a former aide to Stephen Harper has been charged with influence peddling and British Columbia’s premier wants a bigger piece of the Enbridge pipeline pie.

3 THAT’S A LONG WAY TO TRAVEL TO BE UNEMPLOYED Immigrant Irish pipefitters aren’t happy they were laid off by Monad Industrial. The workers signed contracts to work on a mine expansion but were laid off with no guarantees of work after the project was delayed. Looks like they might have jobs in Alberta, though. Pending proper documentation.

4 CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY A former United Nations observer says the situation in Syria is really, really bad and the Assad government is going to fall. That regime’s always been terrible. I hope the country finds peace soon.

LET’S HAVE A VIDEO Spider-Man! On a trampoline with a happy kid! And yeah, it’s probably worth watching to the end. (Via Videogum)