In his Sled Island Festival coverage, Dog Blogger Mason Pitzel made a quick mention of Cousins, a Halifax group he said played “some very decent garage-pop, awash in reverb and boy-girl vocals”. They were playing B.A. Johnston’s down-and-dirty Hot Dog BBQ and Extravaganza and were a perfect fit with all the Mammoth Cave Recording Co. bands and friends who were playing the show.

Back in March, Cousins released their lo-fi, slightly shambling and overall rocking LP The Palm at the End of the Mind. Today, they released a video for the lead-off track, “Jules”. If you want to go straight to the really fun bit, jump to right before the 1:30 mark. I think if they would’ve known what’s good for them, they would’ve made the whole video disembodied mouths eating pizza. Check out more at the group’s Bandcamp page.