I just got a call from Paul Dechene, who just got home from tonight’s council meeting, which just ended maybe 45 minutes ago. He says tonight’s meeting was slammed by a citizen wrathstorm of unprecedented magnitude (paraphrasing here). HEY, SOME PEOPLE ARE ANGRY ABOUT THE STADIUM. Full-on Hulk-angry, it sounds like. And they were not happy when council approved it. Not at all.

Turnout was the best Dechene’s ever seen, he says. The place was packed. Why, there probably wouldn’t have been room for mayor Fiacco even if he had showed up.

The Leader-Post has a nice, long story here, by the way. Haven’t read it yet.

Council also voted to bring one-way traffic back onto the plaza, which is half-way to the two-way traffic the thing was designed and built to accommodate. Anyway, we’ll have one-way traffic by October.

(Dechene couldn’t get an answer on why we won’t have two-way traffic. Which the plaza was designed for. Arrrgh. Something to ponder as I head home in about 15 minutes and walk past the desolate, traffic-free emptiness of our allegedly mixed-use plaza.)

Anyhoo, Dechene asked me to post this because he can’t. He has hours of writing and transcribing to do.

But he SPECIFICALLY asked, nay, ORDERED me to ask any readers who were at the meeting tonight to post their thoughts in the comment section.

Please do–I want to read what you guys thought about tonight!

And I bet Pat Fiacco does too. Wherever he is.