… is that Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie posted “Ichiro’s Theme” to his SoundCloud.

Gibbard is a Washington state native and a long time fan of the Seattle Mariners. He doesn’t seem bitter at all about left fielder Ichiro Suzuki trade to the New York Yankees. Of “Ichiro’s Theme”, he says, “I wrote this a few years ago. Today seems like the best day to let you all hear it. Thank you, Ichiro.”

The Mariners blog Lookout Landing seems to be in shock:

This is just a post going up for the sake of having a post go up, because I haven’t even begun to process this and neither have you. Tonight the Mariners play the Yankees in Seattle, and Ichiro will be wearing the other uniform. I think this might be as close to inconceivable as it gets in sports. I never once could’ve conceived of the Mariners trading Ichiro anywhere. Abruptly, he’s gone. We were given no warning, and Ichiro might not ever play another game in Seattle after Wednesday.