This issue’s Queen City Confidential confessor, having spotted Cowboy Junkies dates in Saskatoon and Moose Jaw, is frustrated with Regina’s concert promoters. The reader writes:

Now I understand why so many great musicians skip Regina. It’s not because we suck at turning out to support shows, but because friggin’ concert promoters don’t step up and book acts when they’re touring in this area. What’s up with that?

That’s certainly the case some of the time. I’ve heard about acts who are proven draws in this city who don’t stop here because no one is willing to put them up. Plus, there are successful promoters, individuals and groups, who manage to bring people to shows based on own their reputations in addition to just booking acts people want to see. GrassRoots Regina and the Regina Folk Festival, in the form of their year-round concert series, are two good examples in my mind.

But there’s also some chicken-and-egg stuff going on here, too. Some promoters are no doubt hesitant because Regina audiences can be fickle.

How about you, Dog Blog reader? How would you assign responsibility for the concerts Regina misses?