What follows could’ve been posted under Old News, but Paul Dechene’s post this morning is both older and more newsy, so the Old News title is his for today.

It’s been widely reported that wrestler Hulk Hogan retweeted the following not too long ago: “@HulkHogan Hey hulk I went ballsdeep on Brooke!Could I get a retweet!” If you know that Brooke Hogan is the Hulkster’s daughter, you know that this is icky, icky, icky.

Of course, this did not escape the attention of comedian Graham Clark. On his podcast Stop Podcasting Yourself with Dave Shumka, he has a regular segment on Hulk Hogan news and, in the most recent episode, mentions this incident.

Before this episode posted, I actually had a telephone conversation with Clark. You can see the full fruits of that in tomorrow’s issue of the prairie dog, but here I’ll give you his theory on the gross Hulk retweet.

“I’ve been following Hulk Hogan on Twitter for a while, and sometimes I’ll login to my Twitter account and the whole thing is just retweets by Hulk Hogan. I think he just sits down and retweets everything that asks him to retweet it. I think it’s just a bulk Hulk retweet.

“It’s not even stuff that’s funny or fun, it’s just ‘Hey, I like you Hulk Hogan! Can I get a retweet?’ So I think that one just slipped in the mix.”

I asked Clark if he had ever been tempted to get in on the retweet action. But, as you can see below, Clark once got a YouTube response from Hulk, which is tops in Clark’s books.

“I’ll let other people have the retweet thrill. A retweet would never top that YouTube thing. It was too big. It’s like, ‘Hey, you’re never going to top that so don’t try.’”

While we’re chatting about Clark, he’s coming to Regina for the Pile O Funny Bones Comedy Festival. But while he doesn’t hit his first Queen City stage of the weekend until tomorrow, some locals are starting the show tonight at the Artful Dodger at 7 p.m. The festival’s website has more details.