People from Rapid Fire Theatre have come to Regina before, but anyone coming down to the final of night of the General Fools Festival won’t be treated to something they haven’t seen previously.

Not just because it’s improv, either. Rapid Fire Theatre, an institution that’s been around for over three decades in Edmonton, has a lot of people in their creative circle and a lot of different formats to perform.

The common element among all of them, for General Fools’ Jayden Pfeifer, is talent.

“Every company that comes out of there has an amazing breadth of imagination and charm,” he says.

The idea of bringing in Julian Faid and Jessie McPhee, performing the Like Father Like Son format, came during a conversation with someone from at Rapid Fire. It’s not one Pfeifer’s disappointed with.

“They’re just absurdly charming. It’s almost frustrating, they’re just so slick and charming onstage. These guys are just a fun duo.

“It’s a simple format, too — it’s a father/son duo playing a ton of characters and telling a bunch of different, little stories that are all connected to one narrative of a father giving advice to his son. It starts with a simple idea but it spawns a lot of different stuff. They’re rapidly changing through worlds, all of it coming from this really base thing.

“There’s a lot of sweetness to it, as well, since it’s this father/son duo going on, but there could also just as easily be dragons.”

Like Father Like Son will perform tonight, June 9 at Artesian on 13th as part of the final night of the General Fools Festival. For more information on the festival, go to their website or check back on the Dog Blog.