1 [REDACTED] The Chinese government censoring their citizens’ internet usage is nothing new; these days, though, their using it to block terms related to protests in Tiananmen Square. The Guardian talks about the censorship specifically, while On the Media gives an overview of the social media sites where this is taking place.

2 OBAMA PRO CUTTING CLASS? Probably not, I’m guessing. That didn’t stop him from writing a note to a 5th Grader’s teacher, explaining that he missed class to come see the president speak.

3 AN EXPLOSIVE CATCH A man near Hanley, Saskatchewan reeled in a homemade bomb while fishing. The guy’s fine, though I imagine he would have preferred not finding a bomb on the end of his line.

4 DIRECTORS FOR COLLECTORS The A.V. Club has a list of 14 films where the directors went back and made a new cut, giving fans what they all love — something new to argue about.