The Heritage Canada Foundation released its Top 10 Endangered Places list today and guess what? We’re on it.

Seems Heritage Canada has caught wind of the fact that it is looking very likely that Connaught School in the Cathedral neighbourhood will get demolished in the not-too-distant future.

Here’s a little from the write up explaining why the building is in trouble:

A 2010 engineering report stated that Connaught was near the limits of safe occupancy and that a plan for repair or replacement must be in place within five years. A visual engineering inspection found the structure highly compromised: there was floor heave, foundation movement, and cracks in the roof slabs, some precipitated by the removal of architectural features like the exterior cornice. The engineering firm provided an estimate of $6.25 million to stabilize the building.

We have a piece in tomorrow’s prairie dog that looks at the Connaught situation. Suffice it to say, things do not look good.

Personally, I’m beginning to think the best solution for Regina is to bulldoze everything. No… Everything. Then pave over the land we need and house the whole city — everything from homes to stores to schools to industry — in disposable mobile trailer units. That way there would be lots of parking, plenty of roads and we could shuffle the whole city around whenever we want. We could spell out Rider Pride with our disposable mobile trailer units during Grey Cup. You could see our team spirit from space! And everything would look exactly the same. Like shiny, metal boxes. And you know who loves boxes, don’t you? Babies. They adore boxes. And why would you want to deny babies the joy of living in a city of boxes?

Regina could be the envy of babies everywhere.