I think my love of Combat Improv is well documented. In fact, I even did a preview for their season-ending, two-night extravaganza in the prairie dog a while back. Not only is that article kicking around the internet, but it’s been committed to print. And that lasts forever.

Well, the ensemble of local improv performers are ending another season with another two-night blowout. Judy Wensel, seen left, and all the other talented members of the group will, I imagine, be doing showcase sets and going head-to-head in competitive long-form improv funny-offs. The Facebook event also mentions they’ll be debuting an all-new form, so get psyched for that.

If you’re looking to be entertained today, tomorrow or both, then you now know where to go. I’d throw the idea of not washing your hands and using your stamp from Night 1 to get into 2 out there, but the door will no doubt so low that a scheme like that would be more sad than dastardly. And of course, that’d be a not-cool thing to do to any artist, no matter the price, anyhow.